Gruv Gear
United States
Gruv Gear designs and builds innovative utility gear and accessories for creative professionals, including musicians, DJs, photographers, cinematographers, film makers, audio/video engineers, and media crews. Founded in 2007 by a musician and product designer, the California-based company has been seeing tremendous forward momentum and widespread acclaims in a very short time, with global patents pending for its current innovations and more game-changing products slated in 2011. Gruv Gear continues to flex its marketing muscle with grassroots clinics and events, exclusive online campaigns, and major artist endorsements. Its brands and products include the Solo Series Personal Gear Cart (V-Cart Solo, Solo XL, Solo Lite), FretWraps String Muters, Sliiv, Venue Series Cargo Bags, and the V-Strap Signature, a true ergonomic guitar/bass double strap.
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