Grip Peddler
United States
Grip Peddler, a footboard traction pad, is an ergonomically created polyurethane foam pad which easily adheres to hi-hat and bass drum pedals providing drummers with maximum control and comfort. Benefits of Using Grip Peddler All styles of musical expression will benefit from this traction pad. Whether you play heel-down, heel-up, or consider yourself a slider, Grip Peddler has the right fit for you. The innovative footboard traction pad absorbs the shock and vibration that is created when the pedal beater comes in contact with the drum head. Thus, drummers can maintain the quickness, smoothness, and accuracy that musicians expect from their pedals, without sacrificing comfort. With the Grip Peddler, most drummers are able to play without the aches and pains that develop after playing for long periods of time - with or without shoes. In addition to eliminating shock and vibration, Grip Peddler absorbs the perspiration that causes slipping when drummers choose to play barefoot.