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Florian "Flo" Dauner
Flo started to play drums and piano aged 6. At the age of 12 he took part in a TV-Production called “Die Joghurts”. A film about a group of kids in a band (directed by Albrecht Metzger-1984).
from 1987 to 1989 he participated in a stage play called “The soldiers” from B.A. Zimmermann with the Staatsoper Stuttgart. With this group they had concert‘s in Stuttgart, Strasbourg-France, Moscow and St.Petersburg.

In 1989 Flo moved to Berlin. There he was busy working as studio musician for various pop and jazz productions.
In 1992 he studied drums and composition for 2 semesters at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Since 1993 until the present day he is the drummer of the successful German hip hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier” (The Fantastic Four) with whom he, in 2000 records an MTV-Unplugged session. With FF he played more than 250 European gigs including numerous festivals and tours. They supported U2 on their Pop Mart-Tour in Germany in 1997.
With his father jazz musician Wolfgang Dauner het toured in America.

In 1998 he joined comedy act “Badesalz” for an open-air festival tour. In 1999 there is the birth of “orbit.experience” with who he releases an album in 2000 and does gigs in Germany and Russia.

In 2002 he toured with “Hefner”(UK), “Charlemaine”, “orbit.experience” and “De-Phazz”. Joins German act “De-Phazz” in 2002 for the Daily Lama-Tour, which brings him in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Georgia, Turkey and Poland.
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