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Nick Hodgson
* October 20, 1977
United Kingdom
Nick Hodgson (full name: Nicholas David James Hodgson) was drummer, vocalist and musical leader in Brit-pop outfit Kaiser Chiefs for fifteen years. He parted ways in December 2012.

Three of the Chiefs all went to school together and have known each other since they were 11, and the other two met in various clubs playing 60's, soul and indie music in Leeds.

Together with bandmate Ricky Wilson, Nick Hodgson started the Leeds night club Pigs "to give us something to look forward to", and after giving the rest of the band a mix cd with songs he had been playing at Pigs, they formed Kaiser Chiefs, scrapping all their old songs and changing "the way we play, the way we dress, basically everything we could change without changing... our faces".

Nick Hodgson has worked with Duran Duran and producer Mark Ronson on the Duran Duran album 'All You Need Is Now', co-writing the track Too Bad You're So Beautiful. He has also written songs for Shirley Bassey and co-wrote the single, Bang Bang Bang with Mark Ronson. Nick has also been writing with Anthony Rossomando, John Newman, Dan Croll, and Richard Wilkinson.

In 2010 Nick Hodgson set up Chewing Gum Records with fellow Kaiser Chiefs member Simon Rix and released two singles by The Neat!, the first of which, In Youth Is Pleasure went on to be named Steve Lamacq's Round Table Single of the Year on BBC Radio 6 Music. The label was put on hold because of Kaiser Chiefs touring commitments.

Nick Hodgson has a studio in London (Chewdio, so called because it was home to Chewing Gum Records) and has produced several Kaiser Chiefs songs there as well as other bands and artists including The Vaccines, The Neat and K.I.D.S.

Nick Hodgson left the Kaiser Chiefs in late 2012 and was followed up by Vijay Mistry from Yorkshire band Club Smith.
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