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Conny Pettersson
Conny Pettersson is also known as drummer in Eternal Lies, Anata, Revengia, Trendkill and Evocation.

Conny Pettersson was 15 when he bought his first drum set and started his first band. Playing all styles of rock/metal from symphony rock to brutal and technical death metal has formed him to be a hard hitting, fast, stable and technical drummer.

His first eight years were spent playing in different bands that never had complete line-ups. Conny always seemed to be in the wrong bands. But after recording his first demo in 1999 with Eternal Lies things started to happen and Eternal Lies released the debut album 'Spiritual Deception' in 2002.

Conny joined Trendkill after the release of their 2003 demo 'From the Beginning' which featured previous drummer Jonas Schwartz.

Trendkill inked a deal with Regain Records (Danzig, Overkill, Marduk, Behemoth, etc.) in February 2005. The group entered the studio in the summer of that same year to record their debut album for a late 2005 release.

Conny Petersson has played drums in Anata since April 2001. He joined the band to replace initial Anata-drummer Robert Petersson who had left after eight years service.

Conny Pettersson joined Evocation in February 2014, following the departure of Janne Bodn.

Conny Pettersson names Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament), Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel), Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa) and Richard Christy (Death) as his favourite drummers.
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