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Grant Collins
Brisbane-based 45-year-old drummer Grant Collins graduated with a Doctorate in Musical Arts in 2014 - after being told he was 'too old' to drum at the age of 10 by his music teacher.

Nowadays described as a master drummer and one of Australia's hottest professional drummers, Grant Collins has an intense, almost spiritual passion for the drums. This infatuation has taken him all over Australia, performing for thousands at sold out venues, dueting with internationally renowned drummers, pushing the limits and boundaries as a solo performer and culminating with the success of his exciting debut CD, Primal Instinct. Grant is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the boundaries of music and leading the cutting edge of creative and unconventional drumming.

1999 saw the long awaited release of Grant Collins' debut cd. Entitled 'Primal Instinct', the totally live cd consists of tracks that are all first takes. It contains no overdubs and no click tracks were used, making it an innovative and daring release. Well known Australian drummer, David Jones, said it sounds huge and that Grant was playing wonderfully well and using so many exciting concepts and sounds. World renowned American drum set artist Steve Smith said, I was knocked out. Amazing ideas and chops. The double bass pieces are too much!. Grant is currently composing pieces for his second solo album.

As well as performing, Grant Collins also has a busy teaching studio in Brisbane and is currently Associate Lecturer in Jazz Percussion at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Grant Collins has also been invited to perform as a solo artist by a number of Australia's leading Music Conservatories and Universities, recently accepting an invitation to perform and conduct workshops at the new International Music Academy located in Bangkok.

Today, Grant Collins rocks out on an incredible $75,000 one of a kind drum kit with 26 drums, 34 cymbals and 18 foot pedals. It takes a two-man team nearly two hours to assemble.
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