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Mike Joyce
* June 01, 1963
United Kingdom
Mike Joyce (Fallowfield, Manchester, 1963) drummed in The Smiths since their start in 1982. He stayed with them until they broke up in 1987.

Mike Joyce started playing drums for Manchester band The Hoax and Irish punks Victim, but got his first taste of success with The Smiths.

Immediately after the break-up of The Smiths, Mike Joyce and Smiths bassist Andy Rourke played with Sinad O'Connor. They, along with Craig Gannon, also provided the rhythm section for two singles by Smiths' singer Morrissey: Interesting Drug and The Last of the Famous International Playboys. Work with Buzzcocks, Public Image Limited (PIL), Julian Cope, PP Arnold and Pete Wylie followed throughout the 1990s.

Joyce, Rourke, and Gannon reunited to work on a project with fellow Manchester musician Aziz Ibrahim (formerly of the Stone Roses), ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead (as Moondog One), and Vinny Peculiar.

In 1996, Mike Joyce sued former Smiths' colleagues Johnny Marr and Morrissey for an equal share of performance and recording royalties. He won the case.

In July 2007 Mike Joyce along with former bandmate Andy Rourke released Inside The Smiths, a DVD which chronicled their experiences of being in the band. Both speak highly of both Morrissey and Marr in the film and convey how special they believed The Smiths were and still are to them.

In October 2007 Mike Joyce toured the UK playing drums for Vinny Peculiar with Bonehead on bass guitar.

Mike is currently a member of up and coming Manchester band Autokat.
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