5 Drummerszone artists - Darek "Daray" Brzozowski

Darek "Daray" Brzozowski
* January 30, 1980
Daray (real name: Darek Brzozowski) is drummer in Polish furious sympho-black metal band Vesania. He is also known from the bands Neolithic and Pyorrhoea.

In February 2004 Daray temporarily replaces Vader's drummer Doc, who is injured during the recording sessions of Vader's sixth full length studio album "The Beast". Daray also joined Vader on their European tour in Spring and Summer of 2004.

In March 2005 Vader announced the departure of long time drummer Doc (real name: Krzysztof Raczkowski) and the addition of Daray as a full-time member of Vader.

Daray is a self-taught, professional musician since 1997 and has recorded more than 25 albums with different bands. Daray is also well known for playing with the Polish death metal band Vader for five years. His performance at the festival will take all visitors on a trip into the dark world of black and death metal. According to Darays own words, speed is one of his drumming strengths.