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Alex Holzwarth
* October 04, 1968
Alex Holzwarth (1968, Landshut, Germany) started to play drums in Frankfurt/Main in 1978. Holzwarth:
"In this time I had a great teacher and a great person, whose name is Seppl Niemeyer. The first experience with doublebass! Of cours he had no DB, but he wanted to play everything with one bassdrum, and while playing fast stuff whith the right foot, he used to play fast notes with the left foot. So I wanted to do the same. After some years I bought the second BD..."
As Holzwarth moved back to Munich a couple of years later, he started to studie drums at the "drummers focus".
"The first time I was allowed to think about movements and how to get all the physical aspects. In DF I started to see everything also from an outstanding, logical view. (...) I try to practice three hours each day. There used to be times when I could practice up to 8 hours per day. While playing drums I always had a band to play, which is always a good motivation for practising."
Holzwarth's musical heroes are Bill Bruford, Neil Peart, Alex van Halen, Dennis Chambers, Gene Hoglan, Mikkey Dee and Charlie Benante. The first rockband Holzwarth had, was at the age of 14! After some years, he joined his brother's band (Sieges Even). That was a progressive rock band that recorded five albums.

Nowadays Alex Holzwarth drums in Italian epic metallers Rhapsody. He also plays in Looking Glass Self, Siege Even featuring ex-members of Siege Even after that band decided to call it quits) and in Paradox. His brother and Markus Steffen are also involved in Looking Glass Self.

In 2002 Alex Holzwarth joined US prog metallers Kamelot on tour as a session drummer.

In 2003 Siege Even reformed with Holzwarth behind the drum kit as well, playing their first liveshow in years on the Headway Festival in Amstelveen, The Netherlands in April 2004.
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