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Jarrod Alexander
United States
Jackson, Mississippi-born-and-raised Jarrod Alexander had an early instinct to wake the dead with his cranked snare. A graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Jarrod’s characteristic style is a visceral combination of raw power and technical finesse—giving his sound dizzying complexity and deafening clout.

Jarrod Alexander's drumming resume doubles as a who's who laundry list of early 2000's pioneer Hardcore and Punk rock, and as a blueprint of a young, prolific career, packed tightly with studio drumming and exhaustive touring with Death by Stereo, A Static Lullaby, The Vandals, among many others.

Jarrod Alexander's professional drumming credits began in 1999, when he played on Death by Stereo’s debut album, If Looks Could Kill, I’d Watch You Die, followed by Give Up the Ghost’s debut album, Background Music in 2001, and afterward segued into a European summer tour as drummer for The Vandals. Between 2002 and 2003, he recorded drum tracks for The Hope Conspiracy’s End Note, Throwdown’s Haymaker, The Bars’ Introducing, and The Suicide File’s Things Fall Apart (as well as touring with the band). And in the years that followed, recorded albums and toured with A Static Lullaby, When Tigers Fight and Mean Season.

Jarrod Alexander was Death By Stereo's original drummer when they started in 1998. After releasing their debut album 'If Looks Could Kill', everything looked great. The band toured over the entire US in the summer of 1999 until Jarrod decided in the fall of that year to move to Boston to pursue music full time at the Berklee School Of Music. Jarrod was replaced by Tim Bender.

Later Jarrod showed up in American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost. He was replaced by Alex Garcia-Riviera. Afterwards Jarrdo played with Suicide File.

In the Summer of 2002 Jarrod Alexander started playing in a band named Bars, also featuring Tim Cossar and Matt Woods. After a few rehearsals, Kevin Baker would join on vocals. What started as as a handful of ideas quickly grew into a full 10 songs displaying the influence of such bands as Kiss, Entombed, and The Dead Boys. After sending demos to Equal Vision Records, the label put the band into the studio to record their first record in August of 2003, a little over one year since the groups inception. In 2004 Dutch drummer Ries Doms joined Bars, replacing Jarrod.

2005 saw Jarrod Alexander play with Jamison Parker. In 2005 and 2006 Alexander’s prolific nature reached new heights, tracking on recordings for artists such as Everyday Tragedy, When Tigers Fight (featuring members of Damnation AD), Hope Departed, Firescape (featuring Josh Partington from Something Corporate) and others.

Recently, Jarrod Alexander performed regularly with Southern California-based artists The Paper Models, The Suicide File and Diana.

He's currently drumming with My Chemical Romance.

In addition to playing Craviotto drums, Alexander is endorsed by Istanbul cymbals and Pro-Mark drumsticks.