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Bert Guillemont
* January 03, 1978
Hailing from Ypres, Hellgium, Bert Guillemont plays drums in Liar since 1996. He joined the band after previous sticksman Raf departed. Previously Bert Guillemont had played in band Sektor.

Guillemont listens to: Rush, Deftones, QOTSA, Incubus, St-Anger, COC and Tool

He names Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, Lifeson, Lars Ulrich, David Silveria, Manu Katch, Mike Bordin, Dave Weckl, Sting and Jmaes Hetfield as musical heroes.

2006 saw Bert Guillemont and Liar part ways. For their tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, the band recruited Serch Carriere.
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