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Chad Channing
* January 31, 1967
United States
Chad Channing (born January 31, 1967) was a drummer for the band Nirvana from 1988 until he left due to creative differences within the band in 1990 (contrary to popular belief, his departure was a mutual decision within the band with no hard feelings on either side). As a likely replacement proved hard to find, Dan Peters from labelmates Mudhoney stepped in on a temporary basis.

Channing was in the bands Tic Dolly Row and Mind Circus previous to Nirvana.

Chad Channing is featured on the Nirvana's debut single, Love Buzz/Big Cheese (the former a song written and first recorded by 60's Dutch group Shocking Blue) as well as the album "Bleach" and the 1990 EP "Blew".

He was later replaced in Nirvana by Dave Grohl after a lengthy search by fellow band members Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic.

After Nirvana Channing started a band called Fireants and has played in other bands, including The Methodists, East of the Equator, and Redband.

Chad's love of music began with a bass guitar, which his parents bought him after an accident during gym class one day at school. The mishap resulted in 8 surgeries and 5 years of recovery. The bass filled Chad's time as he was unable to go to school. When Channing was out of his leg casts, his parents bought him a drum set to help his legs get stronger. Chad was a natural at the drums and began jamming with friends before playing gigs at local clubs.

In 2004, Nirvana's With the Lights Out box set featured a dvd of a December 1988 Nirvana rehearsal with Chad Channing on drums.

2005 saw Channing show up in Redband (as a bassist though, with Andy Miller on drums) and project called Before Cars.

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