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Paul "Eric Carr" Caravello
* July 12, 1950 † November 24, 1991
United States
Born as Paul Charles Carravello, this drummer is better known as Eric Carr. He used to play in Kiss. Eric Carr's early name for a Kiss-stage name was Rusty Blade. The name was nixed, but Eric used it as his hotel check-in name when on tour.

In 1980 Kiss begin to work on their next album, but due to personal problems their original drummer Peter Criss is not involved in the recording. Anton Fig is brought in to fill in. Kiss and Peter decide to go their separate ways. Peter's final job with the band is the filming of the "Shandi" promotional video clip.

Chosen for structural replacement is drummer Eric Carr. The band likes his charisma and charm, as well as his strong vocal capabilities. Carr takes the persona of "The Fox" and makes his television debut on the Sunday morning children's program "Kids Are People Too." Eric Carr makes his live debut with Kiss at the Palladium in New York City.

Eric Carr shows signs of illness through consistent coughing of blood in 1991, during their most successful tour since 1979. It is determined that Eric has a tumor in his heart. He goes in for heart surgery, which seems to be successful. While Eric is recuperating, Kiss gets an offer to contribute a song to the soundtrack of the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." They go into the studio to record a cover of the Argent classic "God Gave Rock 'n Roll to You." Paul, Gene and Bob Ezrin rearrange the song to their standards, writing new lyrics. Due to his illness, Eric is unable to contribute drums. Eric Singer is brought in to fill in for the recording.

Eric Carr contributes backing vocals. "God Gave Rock 'n Roll to You" receives substantial radio and video airplay. Eric Carr is featured on drums in the video.

The band continues to rehearse and write for the new album. Eric Carr's
health begins to deteriorate. It is determined he has heart cancer and he begins chemotherapy. Eric's cancer eventually goes into remission, however Kiss tells him to stay home to recover while they work on the album. The band has full intentions of having Eric return when he is 100% percent, but Eric has a hard time in dealing with this situation. Eric Singer continues to play drums on the album while Eric Carr is at home.

Two days after Eric Carr is seen at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, he suffers a brain hemorrhage and is sent to the hospital. Eric's health deterriorates to the point where he is in a coma. He suffers a second brain hemmorrage and Eric "The Fox" Carr passes away at age 41 on November 24, 1991.

Eric is given a public funeral and memorial which is attended by all current Kiss members, as well as former guitarist Ace Frehley. Other musicians close to the band, including Alice Cooper and members of Metallica and Slaughter attend the service. Eric is buried in Middletown, NY. Devastated by the loss of Eric, Kiss tries to bury themselves in work on the new album to cope.

Eric Singer is officially named as the new Kiss drummer in 1992.
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