5 Drummerszone artists - Dennis Leeflang

Dennis Leeflang
* May 22, 1979
The Netherlands, United States
Born and raised in the west of Holland, Dennis Leeflang was never the ordinary Dutchman. As a young teenager he had soon dedicated himself to his one and only passion of playing the drums in a band. With his determination, failure was not an option. Several successful projects in his home country included bands such as Within Temptation, Sun Caged and Epica. His dedication soon drew the attention of local press and national and international musician magazines, who were following his every movement. At age 20, Dennis was not only gigging all over Europe, but also teaching part-time.

When invited to tour with New York's craziest guitar virtuoso Bumblefoot, a.k.a. Ron Thal (Guns N' Roses), in 2002, Dennis soon realized how small Holland, and how big the rest of the world and its opportunities are. In 2004, the 25 year old drummer exchanged wind mills for skyscrapers and moved to New York City, carrying with him merely his cymbals and some clothes.

Only days after his arrival in The Big Apple, Dennis Leeflang found himself teaching and playing with local bands daily. Now able to commit himself to working with the man on his home territory, Dennis became Bumblefoot's steady skinsman, which enabled him to record and tour with the Foot on a regular basis. This did not go unnoticed by his motherland's press and a handful of drum companies. Dennis would soon join forces with several companies in the form of endorsement agreements, enabling him to travel all over the globe to perform clinics and workshops and exchange knowledge with likeminded drum fanatics. Around the same time, Dennis was voted high in the readers polls of his home-countrys drummers magazine Slagwerkkrant.

In New York, Dennis Leeflang has been studying with the great Dom Famularo, as well as accepting projects in various unfamiliar genres with some world renown artists and producers, forcing him to develop a great sense of diversity, dynamics and technique, as well as a fresh approach to creativity.

Dennis Leeflang claims to be a band drummer, first and foremost. Playing with as many people as possible is simply a valuable learning experience for the eager musician, always on the lookout for "that one band", but never limiting himself to being involved in few projects. Whether it'd be as a drummer, teacher or event organizer.
While possessing over a great knowledge of technique, demonstrated with his various projects in the past, Dennis feels like a fish in water when he's asked to lay down a solid groove. As some of his main drumming influences, Dennis names Nicko McBrain, Dave Abbruzzese, Stewart Copeland, Chad Smith, Jeff Porcaro and Josh Freese.