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Adrien "adriendrums" Al-Aiedy
Born from a father and a mother both working in the music industry, Adrien has grown through an atypical drum process, mostly self-taught

He begins his journey at the age of 7, in a French conservatory, learning piano, drums, and music theory. As the classic academical teaching does not fit his expectations, he decides to create his own path, following his instincts, needs, and ideas.
Looking for energy and intensity, (Travis Barker, the Rev, ) he performs in several bands within the world of punk, electronic music, metal and rock. Then stroke by the virus of groove, he continues to learn the drums within the progressive wave and fusion, inspired by the great Gavin Harisson, Benny Greb, Mike Johnston, JP Bouvet, Stuart Copeland, Chris Coleman.

In 2012, he creates his own Youtube channel, to present a personal version of songs he enjoys. Getting into everything, he records his performances on multi-angles, mixes his sound to fit the song, and promotes himself on the social medias. Wishing to cover many different styles (Pop, Rock, Metal, Electro, Drum'n'Bass, Rap, R'nB, international artists.), he can either stick to the original drum part or offer a new approach. His energy and passion that you can see on his videos allow him to reach rapidly more than one million views and be sponsored by great brands such as Roland V-Drums, TRX, Earbay. It also makes him meet many artists worldwide, with whom he collaborates on stage or studio

"I enjoy playing for artists and being creative, mixing styles and creating something original. I like Rock and Metal for the atmosphere, the energy, and progressive wave or fusion for the groove, velocity and improvisation."

"To me, music is a matter of sharing, this is mainly why I wanted to create a blog, to present what I do, my services, share my own experience and knowledges, my drum sheets, and make tutorials around drums"
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