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Beanie Bhebhe
United Kingdom
Beanie is a unique drumming talent, whose technical ability, genre- spanning repertoire and startlingly high-energy performances continue to get him noticed. Best known as the drummer for UK dance titans Rudimental, Beanie adds an unmistakable energy to the bands live shows.

Originally from Milton Keynes, Beanie grew up in a musical family, and was first inspired to get into music through his older brother Simba. He recalls watching the drummer at his local church play every Sunday. One day Beanie stepped in when the resident drummer was away for the weekend, and so his rhythmic odyssey began.

Beanies career as a live drummer has spanned a diverse array of genres, and he developed his distinctive style performing with Math Rock, Soul, Indie and Shoegaze bands before his more recent immersion in live dance music. Before Rudimental, he played with noise-rockers Action Beat, Orion Arm, and Indie Soul outfit Various Cruelties, as well as getting an early break at performing at writing with pop singer Gabriella Cilmi. Beanies LIVE/STUDIO credits also include : LIAM BAILEY,PALOMA FAITH, CLAIRE MAGUIRE, Y ADI.

Beanie is drawn to dreamy, ethereal soundscapes; as well as the high energy of modern dance music, shaken up with the party vibes of seventies funk bands for luck. Hes been shaped by band like Apollo Heights, A.R Kane, Cocteau Twins, Astrobrite, This Mortal Coil, Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. Lets call him a Soul Gaze pioneer.

Beanie cites Rudimentals MD, Andy Gangadeen, as an important influence on his career. As well as being a well-known drummer, Gangadeen has been a pioneer in presenting live dance music for 20 years with his company 101 Artists. Live drummers are still relatively rare in the electronic dance world, but Gangadeen is a passionate champion of this concept; "its all about the beats, its all about the production and the presentation of it and thats what I do with all the acts I work with, to get that detail and that precision in the sound," He and Beanie continue to work closely together.

Since becoming part of the unstoppable Rudimental family, Beanies career has gone from strength to strength. The band continues to carve out a formidable reputation on the global dance scene; widely praised on the strength of their live performances. The London collective burst onto the scene in 2012 when their single Feel The Love hit the top of the UK singles chart, followed closely by top spot dance anthem Waiting All Night. Shortly after, the bands debut album Home completed the Number 1 hat trick.

The last three years have been busier than ever for Beanie, and his tour schedule with Rudimental has taken him to Jay Zs Made in America festival in Philadelphia, Australias Future Music Festival, not to mention multiple sold out UK tours. At the Brit Awards in March 2014, the band performed in collaboration with Indie act Bastille, and took took home the award for Best Single to boot. More recently, Beanies been busy in the studio with the band laying down beats for their eagerly awaited second album.

Unlike most of their electronic contemporaries, Rudimental tour as a live act playing real music in real time, which means Beanies talent and energy is stretched to the limit at every show.
"Im playing everything in real time so there is no point where I can stop to have a breath. Theres a lot to do. Its very different to playing Pop, or Rock or RnB but its very rewarding. I feel like Im playing the best I ever have at the moment and Im having the most fun playing."

Beanie is proud to be endorsed by: Premier Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth and Audio Technica.
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