5 Drummerszone artists - Gino Gamboa

Gino Gamboa
Peru, United States
Gino Gamboa was born in Lima, Peru and is the founder of the group “Armonia Criolla” and one of the best exponents of Peruvian music today. When he came to the USA he has dedicated himself to the diffusion of Peruvian music. Gino is also an integral member of the group Sajama and later founded the group Contrapunto that still plays. He is a master of percussion on all levels, especially focusing on teaching and fabricating the Peruvian Cajon.

Gino also integrated a Peruvian delegation that participated in the inauguration for the Seoul 88 Olympic Games and ultimately participated in different recordings for musical groups like Los Hijos del Sol, Tolu, Eva Ayllon and Peru Negro who he still works with. He continues to travel to different parts of the world offering clinics for the Cajon as well as presenting Peruvian music in general.