5 Drummerszone artists - Alexey Poblete

Alexey Poblete
Singapore, United States
Alexey Poblete is a 11 years old drummer from North Hills, CA. She is the youngest child, her parents are both from Philippines.

Alexey Poblete was born in Singapore, Singapore when her family was there because of her father's employment, but came to US before her first birthday. She got a drum teacher before when she was 18 months old (October 2009) with lessons twice a week.

Playing drums is her passion. Alexey Poblete never wanted to play any other musical instruments except drums. She practices everyday. Alexey Poblete's influences are Eric Singer, John Bonham, Mike Portnoy, Tony Royster Jr., Dominic Howard, Eric Seats, Jackie Ramos and Mark Allee.

Alexey Poblete won the Hit Like A Girl Drum Contest 2013 in the under 18 category. Alexey also won the Next Great Drummer Competition in Beginner Category held in Las Vegas, NV (she was only playing drums for six months at the time) and then at Knott's Berry Farm in Los Angeles, as well as the Next Great Drummer online on YouTube in 2012 and was finalist for Drum Channel's Air Drumming Contest.