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Danny Pearson
United Kingdom
Danny Pearson has been playing the drums for over 30 years. He first became interested when he was about six years old, watching his dad play. It was an instrument that Danny Pearson naturally took to and found himself experimenting for hours on end on his kit. Danny Pearson: "When I was 12 I enrolled in formal tuition with Bill Scott, a successful drummer and well known teacher. Whilst working for the BBC and recording for adverts, Bill also toured extensively across Europe with bands, inspiring me to follow in his footsteps and make a career out of drumming."

Danny Pearson spent 7 years learning from Bill, working to Grade 8, learning to read charts, rudiments, and generally everything he needed to set him up as a professional drummer.

Danny Pearson joined the school band at 14yrs old, which gave hime a good grounding in all aspects of rehearsing, reading, live performance and interacting with other musicians. Around the same time Danny Pearson started drumming with a local band of professional musicians, recording albums and playing in pubs and clubs all over the UK (all before he was 18!)

Danny Pearson soon became an established drummer in the area and was frequently asked to dep for other local drummers, gaining valuable experience in all styles, including rock, jazz and Latin, as well as becoming more involved in the recording studio, working with a local producer. Danny recorded sessions for bands he was producing, and also songs and jingles he would sell to record production companies for use on television and radio (many of which he still finds popping up on iTunes today!)

Since then Danny Pearson has played in numerous bands, musical shows and productions, touring Europe and recording albums back in the studio.

In the '90s Danny Pearson was part of a blues band called Grassroots, touring extensively around the UK, playing blues clubs and festivals. Regular guest players included Dick Heckstall-Smith (Alexis Corner/John Mayall, Colosseum, Bo Diddley), John OLeary (Savoy Brown, Champion Jack Dupree, Mainsqueeze) and Dave 'Munch' Moore (Bo Diddley). During this time he also worked with Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) and played in some of the biggest venues in the country.

More recently Danny Pearson has worked with Darren Hodson and The Southern Companion, recording the album 'Short Stories and Tall Tales' which was released in August 2011 and played drums for platinum selling singer/songwriter Rumer in her Homecoming Concert.

Danny Pearson: "I always believe you can keep improving whatever level your are at. I have had, and still take lessons from some of the best drummers in the world including Steve White, Stanton Moore, Geoff Dugmore, Jason Bowld, Pete Cater, Jojo Mayer and Billy Ward."
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