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Ali Richardson
United Kingdom
Hailing from Hamilton in Schotland, Ali Richardson is best known as drummer for Bleed From Within (since 2005) and as live drummer for Sylosis (after original drummer Rob Callard parted ways with the band in September 2014).

Previously he drummed with Bodicea's Grave, and Cities and Skylines.

Ali started jamming with his friends about 13, which gave him a chance to experiment realize how and what he was going to end up playing. He was also in the school orchestra, playing jazzed up covers of movie soundtracks etc. Ali: "It was a valuble experience, and took me over to Europe. I definetly believe in keeping your options open, especially as a drummer. It's important to understand different genres, and be versatile in your playing."

He qualified for Young Drummer Of The Year 2006 making the Top 40, being the only candidate from Scotland and in March 2009, Ali Richardson was set to study at Drum Tech, the world renowned drum university in London, England.

Ali Richardson names Chris Adler, Dan Foord, Benny Greb, Tim Java, and Jose Pasillas as main influences.
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