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Manuel Lotter
Manuel began taking drum lessons at his local music school when he was six years old and became one of the best drum students very quickly. He later joined the local marching band and played his first live experiences in front of hundreds of people.

At the age of 13 his career in bands started to take off. He played in many different rock and punk bands and he also continued his drum study auto didactically. His major influences are Thomas Lang, Marco Minnemann, Aaron Spears, Blake Richardson, Gavin Harrison, Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr., Rodney Holmes and many many more.

Manuel Lotter is well-known for his metal drumming: his foot technique with fast speed and great coordination is unique, odd time meters, complicated and mathematical fills and a one of a kind tight, rhythmical playing.
After playing in a lot of local bands and playing tons of small shows, he founded his band FAREWELL TO ARMS at the age of 18. The band played many live shows throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2010 the band released their first demo CD and the well-known EXHALATION EP that got great press reviews and response.
In 2012 the band won an online contest and played the amazing Summer Breeze festival in front of 8000 metal heads. Only a few months later Manuel Lotter and FAREWELL TO ARMS were signed to the prestigious German metal label MASSACRE RECORDS. For their full length album, called PERCEPTIONS (2012/Massacre Records), Manuel had to practice 6 to 14 hours every day to learn these songs and to perfect his technique.

It didnt take long after their album release that Manuel became an endorser for Vic Firth Sticks, Zildjian Cymbals, Tama Drums and Evans Drumheads.

In summer 2013 Manuel teamed up with 8 string wonder Andreas Schaberer and together they founded THE BELLEROPHON PROJECT. With only drums and one guitar they create technical music at its finest. They have released their first single Crystal Lattice in summer 2013, the second one Hydra in winter the same year. Hydra gained over 20.000 views on YouTube in only one moth.

Manuel has already shared the stage with big names in the metal scene: Heaven Shall Burn, Caliban, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Dead by April, War Of Ages, Narziss, The Sorrow and many more and has already toured all of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Manuel Lotter is, for sure, one of the best, young, aspiring drumming talents in the German metal, progressive and rock scene. In March 2013 he was featured with an interview in Germanys biggest drums mag Sticks in the category Drummer of the Month.

In summer 2013 Manuel began studying drums at the Drummers Focus Institute in Munich. Only after 4 months of being a student, he already played the Drummers Focus 30 Years anniversary show (DVD production!) as a professional drummer amongst 14 professional drummers in the German drumming scene.

Artists Manu already worked with:
◾ The Bellerophon Project
◾ Farewell To Arms
◾ Emil Bulls
◾ Ocean Of Plague
◾ Dip Into
◾ Elfenbein