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Marco Santos
Portugal, The Netherlands
Marco Santos (Pombal, Portugal, 1981) is a percussionist, drummer and composer having his base now in Holland. Traveling all over the world to perform and teach, he presents himself as a musician / composer freelancer working with several projects in various styles, sharing his deep devotion and passion for music. He did his first bachelor in Classical percussion in Lisbon High School of Music (2006), after a few years working in Portugal with several projects, songwriters and teaching went to Holland where he did his second bachelor in Jazz drums at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague (2011), and his Master in the renowned international academy of Rotterdam (CodArts) on the field of World music, composition, percussion & drums (2012). Since he lives in Holland he have been successful playing / working and traveling as a freelancer with many different musicians and projects approaching many music styles where he won some Jazz competitions and nominations.

With worthwhile years of experience, working as a musician, Marco Santos nourished his passion for music through the study of several musical styles that have been inspiring him during the course of his life, mainly being: classical music, jazz and world music. During the last years he felt encouraged by the need to center his attention on expressing his own inner voice through music. As a result, and with no expression boundaries, Ode Portrait was born. An audible picture, result of distinctive experiences and perspectives of life, which presents original compositions with a melodic accent, thus creating an opportunity of liberty connecting musicians and audience, traveling through a wide range of atmospheres and dynamics. The message that lies in this creation is to share Marco Santos' musical identity, as a means to display his own deep and devoted relationship with music, as well as the enthusiasm and fun of creating it. With wonderful musicians, together they enhance this project by sharing their wide range of experiences and influences, creating a special musical empathy. A unique sonority emerges and The Marco Santos Band becomes alive.

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