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Morten Lund
Morten Lund is a Danish jazz drummer, composer and educator. He is co-leading a trio with Italian pianist Stefano Bollani and Danish Jesper Bodilsen on bass. Morten is also a member of trumpetstar Paolo Fresu's Devil Quartet and Kind of Porgy and Bess ensemble. As a sideman Morten Lund has participated on more than sixty albums.

Morten Lund was born into a musical family in Viborg, Denmark, in 1972 to a father who played both drums, trumpet and guitar and was a very active part of the city's jazz scene, and a mother who played flute. At the age of six, Morten Lund started to play drums and later went on to play in various constallations and genre, playing his first paid jobs at age 15. In 1993 Morten Lund was accepted into the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and only a year later, still a student, he started to play in the internationally recognized Klvers Big Band.

It was with this band that Morten Lund recorded his first cd. After receiving his diploma in 1997, Morten Lund moved to Copenhagen and was soon involved in several projects, recording and going on tours. Since this day, Jesper Bodilsen, with whom he had also studied at the Academy, has been a close collaborator on many projects. Since then Lund has established as one of the most active drummers on the Danish jazz scene.

In 2002 Morten Lund and Morten Bodilsen were among the musicians selected for the Jazzpar Sixtet which Enrico Rava formed for the occasion when he received the Enrico Rava. As was the virtuoso Italian pianist Stefano Bollani and since chemistry was good among the three musicians, they formed a trio the following year.

Their first album, 'Mi ritorni in mente', was released the same year to critical acclaim and became one of the ten best selling records in Italy that year. After tours in Italy and Scandinavia it was clear that the collaboration was going to be of a more lasting nature. They went on to play in jazz clubs and at festivals around the world. Their debut in New York City was at the legendary Birdland Club. In 2006 the trio released their second album, 'Gleda', wgich is centred around Scandinavian songs.

In 2010 Morten Lund was working on a solo album.
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