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Martin Jovanovic
Martin "Marthyn" Jovanovic is drummer with Austria's metal outfit Belphegor.

Martin Jovanovic started playing drums at the age of ten: "My parents bought me a small Dixon kit. Today I really regret that I sold this kit when I was fourteen years old. I started to play in a marching band when I was twelve, but quit after two years because I didn't like it that much."

He started his first band at the age of 15, mostly playing cover songs. He quit the band after two years and started to rehearse on his own to become a better player.

At the age of eightteen Martin Jovanovic joined his first metal band. They played a couple of gigs, but nothing serious was happening. He wanted to move forward, joined two other bands and was constantly rehearsing to become a better player.

At the age of 22 things took off for Martin Jovanovic as he joined the Austrian black/death metal band Belphegor as a session drummer. Martin: "I've played tours in the States, Canada, South and Middle America, Russia and Europe with them."

Besides being a live drummer for Belphegor, Martin also recorded the drums for their album 'Blood Magick Necromance'. When he is not on the stage with Belphegor, Martin is playing as much as possible with his own band Bled Dry.
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