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Craig Monika
Craig Monika has been actively engrossed in the world of beats, percussion but mainly drum kit from the age of 10, after four long years of begging and pleading his parents finally caved in and purchased an old rusty Pearl kit for $150.00 and this would be the start...

While in Auckland, New Zealand Craig Monika studied jazz percussion for there years with well respected Frank Gibson Jr, Drum City AK- (Lady Hawks step father) and soon became one of his favourite students. Making a move to Sydney in 2001 proved to be a busy one, touring and recording with a number of local bands and artist.

Always looking for the next step Craig Monika headed to the UK in 2008 for two years of gigging and touring Europe, tour managing and drum teching.

Upon his return in 2010-2011 a promo video of Craig Monika playing found its way to Trizo, guitarist for Thousand Needles in Red. At the time the band were in need of a new drummer, the two meet, had a few beers, jammed a few times and it was decided Craig would be welcomed to the family.

Since joining the heavy rock outfit they have released their first full-length album 'Empires' in September 2011 to success as it rocketed to number 4 on the Australian iTunes chart. Followed by a successful National Tour, seeing Craig Monika and his band headline some the countrys greatest venues.

Craig Monika's influences include John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Eric Moore, Jason Bowld, Lucious Borich, Eloy Casagrande, Frank Gibson Jr, Stewart Copeland, Igor Cavalera - basically anyone with groove and power.
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