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Adam Lewin
United Kingdom
At the young age of 21, Adam Lewin of Reading has already working with a plethora of bands covering a wide range of genres, from metal to jazz. Having been drumming for over half his life, Adam has a developed a real thirst, drive and passion for drums, characteristics that have faded from current up and coming musicians in this over saturated industry.

Adam Lewin started receiving lessons aged nine and quickly began to impress those around him. Richard Beasley (Gary Numans Session Drummer) saw great potential in Adam and took him under his wing and installed the discipline required to strive.

Taking major influence from an array of drummers (Justin Foley, Gavin Harrison and Pete Riley to name a few), Adam Lewin has been able to create a unique blend of style and the versatility desired nowadays.

Adam Lewin is still to this day working with a wide array of established and up and coming artists across the country. His main project Terakai are proving to be a hit having toured relentlessly up and down the UK. Their debut ep has also received multiple 5/5 reviews and has left fans eager for the next release.

Adam Lewin joined Rise To Remain in February 2012, following the departure of Pat Lundy.
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