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Mick Gravéé
* October 15, 1986
The Netherlands
After three years of playing on his mother's pans with a wooden spoon, Mick Grav got his first drum kit, a Thunder.

At the age of six Mick Grav still loved drumming and his parents bought him a second kit, a Commodore or something. He also started taking drum lessons from teacher Sensei Juan Gallardo.

He passed all four exams at the music school cum laude and got himself a better drum set (Adams 6000), and started his first cover band.

More recently Mick Grav has been studying at the conservatory in Maastricht. He has worked with artists such as Jessie Galante, Guess Who, Fools Fortune, Monkey Business, Los Leipos, Bogig, Pitchlight, Xqsme, Funkmonster, Electric City, his own Mick Grav Fusion band, Right Now, Booz and the Wildcats, Gonzo Gang, Joy, Confusion (featuring Ivo Rosbeek and Emil Szarkowicz), Madison, Free and Easy Band, Ed Grav, RSK Jazz band, Draw, and Universe.
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