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Alex Rudinger
United States
Alex Rudinger (Rudy fro friends) resides in Frederick, Maryland and specializes in the musical field of drums. He spends most of his time performing with his bands Threat Signal and Ordinance.

Alex Rudinger began playing drums at the age of 13 and it took him very little time to realize how much he loved the instrument. Alex: "Early on I got into rock and metal drumming and to this day very little has changed. Although much of my time is invested in performing/recording with groups of this genre, I am not limited to playing only these styles."

Alex Rudinger takes great pride in my work. Precision and creativeness are very important to him and the way he applies himself to the instrument clearly reflects this. Any parts and compositions he creates for a band are detailed note-for-note. Alex Rudinger is currently looking for more work to offer this skill.
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