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Roland "Gajate" Garcia
United States
Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Roland "Gajate" Garcia is a touring , percussionist and educator. Roland is the son of renowned percussionist, teacher and inventor, Richie Gajate Garcia.

Roland Gajate Garcia is the percussionist for the internationally acclaimed television show, American Idol. A dynamic and versatile multi percussionist, Roland brings his energy and talent to the show's house band.

Roland Garcia has also toured with Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Franky Valli, Googoosh and Tamia. Roland has received his musical education from the prestigious Berklee School of Music and Cal State University Northridge.

You can also catch Roland Garcia in various LA Latin clubs with the Yari More Orchestra, Latin Sol salsa band and Oskar Cartaya Enclave.
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