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Jörg Lesch
At the age of ten Jrg Lesch started playing the drums. At seventeen he completed his training at the Ausbildungsmusikkorps in Hilden in order to begin his training as drummmer in a military band in 1983.

During his university study at the Robert Schumann Institute in Dusseldorf, he received lessons from former solo timpanist of the WDR Symphony Orchestra, Georg Breier, and from Speri Karas, former drummer for the WDR Big Band.

Upon successful completion in 1987, he took up his duties as premier percussionist in the Army Band 100 in Mnster (in 2001 enamed to Wehrbereichsmusikkorps II). Since January 2007 is Jrg Lesch trainer for the drummers in the army bands in Hilden jurisdiction.

Jrg Lesch teaches not only to various schools of music, but also nationally as a lecturer of music groups on the move. In particular, his work as a professional percussion lecturer in the qualifying courses at the National Music Academy of NRW in Heek-Nienborg round out Jrg's many qualities.
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