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Bobby Elliott
* December 08, 1941
United Kingdom
At the age of ten or eleven Bobby Elliott discovered jazz, and drums became his raison d'etre. It was the early 1950s and the young Bobby Elliott was enthralled by the American big band records his Uncle Terry would play him on visits to his uncle's home in Burnley.

One of Bobby Elliott's first bands was Ricky Shaw And The Dolphins. He joined The Hollies in 1963 (replacing Don Rathbone) and has been playing drums with them ever since.

He names Mel Lewis, Kenny Clare, Ronnie Verrell, Earl Palmer, Larry Bunker, Joe Morello, Sonny Payne, and, of course, Gene Krupa as musical influences.

Factoid: Bobby Elliott also landed first place in the 1965 Beat Instrumental Drummer Poll, with Keith Moon having to settle for third place.
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