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Enrico Garcia
* March 02, 1989
The Netherlands
Enrico Garcia was born in the swamps way down south of Holland. His mother was booking some of the greatest music festivals in the south and his dad one of the best guitar pickers in the business. At a very young age little Rico was exposed to a world that included some of the most famous Rockabilly Stars. Thats why its no surprise that at age eight little Rico decided to produce this Red hot Frantic Sound himself. After numerous attempts of his father trying to let little Rico pickup the guitar, Rico finally picked up the drums. after countless nights of practicing and waking up the neighbours, Enrico made his debut at age 13 with Rock & Roll combo The Original Wild Ones. After a year of playing local honky tonks & joke joints, Enrico was soon touring in sunny Italy at some major Rock & Roll festivals.

In 2005 Enrico joined his father when he reformed The Bellhops after a break of 10 years. Almost immediately Enrico found himself playing drums on Ray Campis 'One More Hop' album.

In 2006 Enrico and the Bellhops toured southern California USA. At the Hollywood showdown Rockabilly festival at Knitting Factory Hollywood. Enrico was spotted by Thrust Custom Drum Company, whom immediately sponsored Enrico to be apart of the Thrust Family. They build Enrico The prefect Vintage Custom Drumkit, after Enricos choice !!! When Enrico returned to The Netherlands several other Drum Companies couldnt wait to endorse Enrico, so Enrico ended up with another company 'Pat Sticks', that supplies Enrico with his Sticks, Bags and Cymbals.
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