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Rick van Wort
* January 07, 1990
The Netherlands
Rick van Wort was born on the 7th of January 1990.
When he was three years old his father bought him his first real drumkitt.
At the age of five he started taking lessons at the
Toonkunst Muziekschool in his hometown Dordrecht.
His first teacher, Bedrich Cernocky is a well known musician in the Netherlands.
When he turned eleven, he started at the Pop central also in Dordrecht.
Thats where he started his first band. His drum teacher and band coach was Eelco de Boer.

When Rick was ready for high school he auditioned for the High School for Music and Dance. This was a special education combined with private lessons at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. His third teacher, Bob Langenberg, became one of the biggest influences in Ricks development to become the drummer he is today. After six years of study at the High School for Music and Dance he graduated with an A-.

This is also where he got to know Rory de Kievit. Together with this talented guitar player he
Started a band called Drager. The band never really performed but got to do a lot of jobs inside the school. After dragging a lot of students through their auditions, Rory started to compete in a guitar contest: The Sena Guitar Awards. He won the awards and got a record deal from overseas. Mister Stone contracted the guys at the Stone Entertainment USA label.

In 2006 the guys got to play with one of the biggest Rock n Roll guys in Dutch history: Ricky DeVito. After a little tour in the Netherlands the DeVito Gang stopped playing and started to focus at the Rory MI tour. They also launched their first CD: Musical Journey. This is the very first album Rick ever recorded.

In September 2007 the guys went to The United States to play at the Midpoint Music Festival, Cincinnati (Ohio). They also went to Nashville (Tennessee) and Atlanta (Georgia).

In April 2008 Rick won the Roland V-Drums Contest. This was a contest held by Roland on their very best electronic drumkitt: The Roland V-drums td-20.

Meanwhile he also played with Tess (Dutch Junior Song Festival Winner), Glennis Grace (famous Dutch singer), he helped out the Rhythm Chiefs (famous Dutch bluesband) whenever necessary and he played with Phatt (anouk, RmxCrw) Steez (postmen).

He still plays with the last two.
Steez a.k.a. Pure the artist just recorded a few songs.
And Phatt will launch his album soon somewhere around 2010.

Thanks to Steez he got to play with GMB in the summer of 2008 and 2009.
With this crowd hyping rapper he recorded a live DVD in Watt, Rotterdam December 2008.
They were touring throughout the country with Sabrina Starkes Yellow Brick Road tour going to almost every big club in The Netherlands.
And they were visiting almost all the big festivals in the Netherlands in the summer of 2009.

In February 2009 Rick joined Adams. The Dutch drum builders gave him a brandnew Adams 8000 for the GMB shows.

And Rick also plays with the soul band Move The Furniture.
With all the soul classics (James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave etc.) they just play everywhere in The Netherlands at partys, weddings or festivals.
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