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Kenny "Ginger Fish" Wilson
* September 28, 1966
United States
Born as Franklin Kenneth Robert Wilson (1966, Orlando, Florida), Kenny Wilson is best known as Ginger Fish, drummer with shock rockers and metal heads Marilyn Manson.

In March 1995, original drummer Sara Lee Lucas (real name: Fred Streithorst) was replaced on drums by Kenny Wilson a.k.a. Ginger Fish.

The moniker of Ginger Fish is, like all aliases of Marilyn Manson, a combo of Ginger Rogers and killer Albert Fish.

Kenny Wilson began playing drums in the second grade, which led to the University of Nevada, where he played in the college corps. He also worked with several Las Vegas show bands, including Paul Anka and Barry Manilow. During the 1980`s Kenny was in the band "Pretty Mess". It was a top 40 band.

Kenny learned the Marilyn Manson album "Portrait of An American Famely" in one weekend. With Sara Lee Lucas leaving the band, Kenny auditioned for Manson in 1995. Marilyn Manson selected him to be the next drummer for the band. He became Ginger Fish, Ginger from singing actress Ginger Rogers and Fish from child cannibal killer Albert Fish.

In 1995, Ginger featured in the last POAAF video "Dope Hat". Although Ginger did not recorded the song with the band, it was Sara Lee Lucas who did. In the same year, "Smells Like Children" was released. An EP featuring "Sweet Dreams".

In 1996 Manson released "Antichrist Superstar". Ginger didn`t play on two songs: Kinderfelt and Reflecting God. Because Ginger went back to Vegas, Chris Vrenna from Nine Inch Nailes played them.

There was a tour of Europe scheduled for the summer of 1998 but Ginger contracted had Mono Nucleosis. So rather than replace him for the tour the band cancelled every show. Although his place in the band has grown since he arrived, has had some more obstacles to overcome...

When Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Hole) was recruited to produce "Mechanical Animals", Ginger actually had to audition for him. Beinhorn is known for firing drummers who don't meet his expectations, like Patty Schemel from Hole. Ginger:
"So here I was. Three years in the band, I'd done two albums with the band and now I've got to audition for this producer because he's going to end up firing me. It's like, why doesn't the producer come in and just make the band sound as good as it can? How many times do I have to prove myself?"
Beinhorn never showed up. When the band got into the studio, Ginger was never actually told if he was going to appear on the album. But as time went by it was apparent that he had met Beinhorns grade.

Ginger, a left handed drummer who sets-up right handed, always goes for simplicity and taste in his approach to his playing. With Marilyn Manson Ginger Fish cleverly combines modern drum sequencing and sample loops with traditional drum instruments. Along with an Akai MPC sampler, Ginger uses a double bass/multi-tom drumkit and an array of Z Custom range cymbals to complete his sound.

Gingers unique style and approach to playing have earned him much acclaim and have helped the band reach multi-platinum status.
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