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Lux was born on August 12, 1985. At the age of twelve she learned how to play drums at a Mexican music school she and her sisters attended. They learned to play cumbias, rancheras, and balladas; Mexican dance music. By the age of 13, Lux and her sisters were playing paid gigs at weddings and parties. For the next three years they continued to play this music until they were introduced to the song "Zombie" by The Cranberries... After being exposed to hard rock, there was no turning back. Lux went on to teach herself to play hard rock while listening to bands such as The Cranberries, Van Halen, Megadeth, and Sonic Youth. During her sophomore year of high school, her brother brought home a Judas Priest album: Painkiller. Lux was amazed at the incredible double bass speed and fast rolls so she bought a second bass drum and has been playing double bass ever since.

This young drum goddess with an attitude opened up for Joan Jett in May 06 and played this summers Vans Warped Tour (2006) which she received recognition for in the September issue of Drum! Magazine. Lux does not lack the attention of rock fans alike and has also been recognized in the September/October 2006 issue of Music Connection Magazine for her off kilter, Keith Moon inspired drumming. Her current projects are: Mystery Hangup (all female Experimental, Indie rock band) and Sacred Storm (Progressive/Thrash Metal band).

Lux has a very promising future. With her ability to play double bass like Dave Lombardo and fast rolls like Terry Bozzio (both her personal drum heroes) she takes music seriously and enjoys playing it. She is currently in the studio recording 2 full length albums with her bands Mystery Hangup and Sacred Storm, scheduled for release this winter/early January. She will be performing on the 2007 Warriors of Metal Tour with Sacred Storm and on the 2007 Sound and Vision Tour with Mystery Hangup across the nation.

In January 2007 Lux was chosen as Miss WFD 2007.
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