Crescent Cymbals' return to NAMM Jeff Hamilton's Hammertones and much more Crescent cymbals at Winter NAMM 2018 - Jeff Hamilton's Hammertones and much more For the first time since Sabian officially acquired Crescent cymbals on January 31, 2015, the cymbal brand founded by drummers Michael Vosbein, Stanton Moore, Jeff Hamilton, and Bill Norman found its way to the Sabian booth at the Winter NAMM Show. The first time Crescent was present at a NAMM Show was in 2013. For the fun of it, we added the video that we made with then-President Michael Vosbein as well. In the first video below, Mark Love, Sabian's Director of Research & Product Development, takes you through all the Crescent cymbals that were on display.

Included are Jeff Hamilton's Hammertone Series like the 14" Hihat, the 20" and 22" Hammertone ride and his China. Mark Love also demos Stanton Moore's Pang Thang Cymbal and Trash Crash, and you will also see and hear most of the cymbals from the Element Series: the 20 & 22 rides, the Hihats, the 16 and 18" smash crashes and more.

Even more interesting is how Mark Love explains how Stanton Moore's cymbals sound different from the other cymbals in the Crescent line because of the lathing on the bottom of his cymbals.

On June 7, 2016 we wrote that Crescent cymbals were available for purchase exclusively from Sabian Hand Select Boutiques throughout the United States. As of now they are available through all dealers.

Crescent Cymbals at NAMM 2018

Crescent Cymbals at NAMM 2013
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