Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández' new Salazh Trio-album 'Circulations' available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Horacio \'El Negro\' Hernndez\' records new album with Salazh Trio - Circulations A brand new group named Salazh Trio featuring Dutch bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Dutch pianist Hans Grotenbreg and Grammy Award winning and legendary drummer Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández have released their debut album 'Circulations'. A beautiful momentum of eight tracks where all three artists fully explore their talents and musicality. Horacio recorded the drums in Havana, Cuba. We asked JP Thesseling (Obscura, Pestilence) the how and the why on Horacio's playing on the album. Below you can listen to 'Circulations' in the embeded Spotify player or click straight to iTunes or Amazon.

As two Dutch musicians, how did Horacio become the third member of the group?
While we were in a writing process for most pieces, I got in touch with Horacio and asked if he was interested to join our recordings. Soon he responded enthusiastic; proposed to record the full album and to join the group, also for future live performances.

As a bass player, how would you describe your recording experience with a guy like Horacio?
Before Horacio's recording sessions started in Havana, we discussed a few things taste-wise, but we made it clear to him he had a total carte blanche to blend his signature playing in the songs. He is a very inspiring drummer and percussionist. The dynamics, his polyrhythms and the flow in his drum tracks significantly influenced my bass playing. I couldn't wish for a better chemistry.

We are very excited making this first step as a team. Each song has its very own atmosphere and dynamics. The two pieces Colors and Bir Enzarane, which we recorded in the past with Ensemble Salazhar, are re-arranged. And, writing sessions for a second studio album will start soon!

Circulations on Spotify

Circulations on iTunes
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Circulations on Amazon
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Track listing 'Circulations'
  1. Colors
  2. Saffron Garden
  3. Traveler
  4. Bir Enzarane
  5. Circulations
  6. Northern Route
  7. Linea Sunrise
  8. Cactus Valley
    Total running time: 31 minutes

'Circulations' is co-produced and mixed by Paul Pouwer and mastered by Joris Wolff at Power Sound Studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Salazh Trio
  • Hans Grotenbreg - piano, electric piano, synths
    (Ensemble Salazhar)
  • Jeroen Paul Thesseling - bass
    (Obscura, Pestilence, Ensemble Salazhar)
  • Horacio 'El Negro' Hernández - drums/ percussion
    (Italuba, Volcan, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Carlos Santana, Roy Hargrove, Alejandro Sanz, Eddie Palmieri, Giovanni Hidalgo, Kazumi Watanabe, Michel Camilo)
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