John "JR" Robinson plays Innovative Percussion at UK Drum Show JR-1 signature sticks available John \ As mentioned on their website, Innovative Percussion says the company is 'honored and thrilled' to welcome John "JR" Robinson to their family of artists. It also mentiones that "we have to stay tuned for more exciting news regarding our collaborations with JR, coming very soon!" First, the 'JR-1' JR Robinson Signature Drum sticks are available. Second, here is where he is preparing for this week...

In a week from now John "JR" Robinson will be playing at the UK Drum Show and the Remo Drummer Night, and we are wondering if we will see him play his new signatures there!

Where is John "JR" Robinson next weekend?Who is John "JR" Robinson?
First, watch John "JR" Robinson demo the Paiste Masters Thin Cymbals at NAMM 2017 with bass player Hussain Jiffry.

Since the late 1970s, Grammy-winner John "JR" Robinson has been at the forefront of recorded music and the shear magnitude of hit records that he's played on is astounding. Songs that changed the face of popular music.

Just a few of the titles JR played on include We Are The World, All Night Long, I'm So Excited, Express Yourself, Higher Love, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough, Rock With You, Change The World, and this list just goes on and on.

His work on Michael Jackson's ground-breaking record 'Off The Wall' established his place as the first-call session drummer and to this day, he remains close with producer, Quincy Jones. John's relationships with legends David Foster and Barbara Streisand spans decades and he's appeared on soundtracks for many of our favorite movies including My Cousin Vinnie, Independence Day, Anchorman and Pirates Of the Caribbean. In 2016, JR made Rolling Stone's Top 100 Greatest Drummers of All time.
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