Montr?al Drum Fest
The Montreal Drum fest was a long-time dream for Ralph Angelillo, a self-taught drummer playing with rock bands in the 60s and 70s.

In 1993, Serge Gamache, publisher of Muzik Etc / Drums Etc (Canada┬ĺs musician magazine), teamed up with Ralph, editor of the same magazine, to produce the first festival at the Pierre-Mercure Hall in downtown Montreal.

Serge, the festival producer and Ralph, the festival┬ĺs artistic director have been producing the festival for 15 years.

The Montreal Drum fest, since 1993, has presented drum and percussion talent from around the globe giving the audience, composed of students, teachers and professional drummers, all the motivation needed to better their careers. The festival has joined forces with the many sponsors: drum, cymbal, drumstick, drumhead and microphone companies, to bring the best drummers in the world to the festival. Also, the backstage technical team has a reputation as being the best in the world.

One of the festival┬ĺs qualities is presenting new up-and-coming drummers. Each year, the festival presents the most popular drummers as headliners on the Pierre-Mercure stage. But, the audience is used to seeing tomorrow┬ĺs drum stars, presented earlier on each day of the festival. The Student showcase presents the best College and University students usually kicking off the first day of the festival.

On November 10-11, 2007, the Drum Fest will celebrate its 15th year and will present some very special features for the occasion.
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