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Oysterhead is a band featuring guitarist Trey Anastasio of Phish, bassist Les Claypool of Primus, and drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police. The style and sound of the band is a unique, somewhat bizarre mix between the jam band style of Anastasio, the bass-oriented funk metal music of Claypool, and the reggae-influenced beats of Copeland. To many, this is considered to be the bridge between the music of Phish and Primus.

Oysterhead was formed for what was originally intended to be an exclusive one-off live performance at the Saenger Theater, New Orleans on May 4, 2000, for which they compiled a set almost entirely of original material. However, in 2001, Oysterhead officially reformed to record and release an album entitled The Grand Pecking Order, which featured nine new tracks. The release of this album was supported by a brief tour of North America. Publicity for both the album and tour was gained from a performance of the song "Oz Is Ever Floating" on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. After the tour, the trio went their separate ways with their other bands and musical projects.

In 2005, Les joined Trey during his set at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota (at which Les had perfomed his own set) for an impromptu rendition of "Oz Is Ever Floating". They also both played Vegoose that year (Claypool with Primus) where they hinted in an interview that there would be a possible new album.
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