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* March 11, 1971
United Kingdom
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biography hi ive been playing the pub and clubs circuit since i was 16years old (now 35 D'oh!), i've played a few festivals between then and now but have settled to play semi pro as my family and job have taken no1 priority . drums are the best instruments to play.

i'm self taught or as they say (pick it up as you go along!) i wish i had taken lessons then my playing would be a bit better , but at the time no-one was giving them, well not round carlisle.

i like all kinds of styles and enjoy watching anybody banging the skins.i think you can learn something new or a different way of playing off anyone.

I love playing my kit whether it be in a pub to a few people or a club to a few hundred you just can't beat that high you get when you come off stage .

At the moment i am using a 1985 yamaha 9000 rc kit in hot red , its my dads old kit it realy is a beauty and quite rare , i'm very proud to use it, it has a lot of sentimental value to me so it's priceless!

hope you enjoy looking at my memberpage.


Mark k 80)

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