Doug the Head
* January 21, 1985
United States
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biography Beginning back in 4th grade, I started showing interest in drumming. And I soon persued snare drum lessons from a local music teacher. A year later I wanted more out of percussion and moved up to a full kit, and began practice with a different professional teacher who wishes to remain unnamed. During the next year under that teacher's instruction I progressed much faster and farther learning the fundamentals and delving much further into rythem and timing. I was not really directly involved at that point into any major music genre.

After that I had began tutoring in both guitar and drumming under Lonny Sarro of southern New Jersey. Past the first year of drumming with Lonny, we no longer had strict lesson plans, but rather it became jam sessions with he and I alternating guitar and drums. It was around age 13 or 14 when I finally found the genre I would fit most in. A few friends introduced me to my first hardcore show with New Jersey Bloodline, Weapon of Choice, Stand Your Ground, Dyphoria, and several other small local NJ bands. The show was so powerful it influenced the rest of my life as both a musician and a person. I learned brotherhood, friendship, true music, and energy like no other. It changed my whole perspective. And just the same I came to find Punk, Metal, and all the sub genres in all those different base genres. Shai Hulud, Adamantium, NJ Bloodline, Drowningman, Opeth, At The Gates, Iced Earth, Bouncing Souls, Rancid, Minor Threat, Warzone, Bane, All Out War, Arson, F*ck on the Beach, Charles Bronson, GWAR and many many others came to influence me over the next several years. I canged my practice regiment majorly. I picked up my first double bass pedal and an 18" Sabian china cymbal. I began practice 2 hours minimum everyday to as many of my favorite bands and songs as I could.

Several months before I turned 17 I joined up with guitarist Kyler G. and Bassist Evan P. to form the first encarnation of Step Up, an oldschool hardcore band that was really a large mix of members from many different styles. Several months later oldschool vocalist Ron O. offered to join up with us, and after a few intense practices, we had 2 finished songs with a 3rd almost completed. Bassist Evan had gotten very busy and unfortunatly had to leave the band. Long time friend Arthur(Arty) M. took place of Evan for the remained of the band. By January of 2003 we had a finished 7 song CD recorded and produced by me. By mid-2003 the band had become inactive and I was busy on my way finishing highschool. I started work as well around then with a group out in Illinois called 3B Studios. We're a DVD and video production company that has worked with all of the biggest names in the industry, along with my idols. I still work with them through to today, although they mostly work on the TV series Feedback Video Magazine.

I graduated from Charter Tech High in June 2003 and headed out to Illinois shortly after. I attended Northern Illinois Univeristy for a semester. That was cool. I was in talks with Jon from Dead to Fall, and Erik from HORSE the band, possibly becoming the new drummer of one of those bands, but I suppose back then I wouldn't have been completely ready for life on the road touring. One and a half years later (December 2004), I was out attending the college Full Sail Real World Education in Orlando, Florida.

During my time there I teamed up with a group of other local musicians forming the band Motivated by Silence. In the band I was the drummer and 2nd lead singer. Ryan A. and Daniel G. were on guitars, Roberto M. on bass, and Tony on vocals. Several months into the band's exisistence with me, we began playing shows. About 20 or 30 shows into the band's formation, Motivated by Silence was about to change the band name and take a more serious approach to everything, then everything began to slowly fall apart. Practice stopped, one of the guitarists and bass player had another band they were playing in, our vocalist got married, and I had school to focus on for the last few months. I graduated in March 2006 with a degree in the Science of Recording Arts, and as both the Grand Winner of the Session Recording mix competition, and the Grand Winner of the Post Production competition.

I moved back to New Jersey for a short period of time and have been working with 3B Studios, Shai Hulud, and many other bands doing either audio work for them or other help in different ways. I moved back to Florida just recently and am open for any bands in the metal, hardcore, or punk genres. As long as it is true to the scene, I am willing to give it a try most likely. I prefer brutal music though, and I want to start something that is fun, somewhat relaxed, but also serious. I want band members that are willing to tour and be serious. Members that aren't in it for the glory or spotlight, but for the fun and so much more. By no means do I not want sucess, but I don't want members that are after only sucess and they forget about what the music is about.

Anyway, for anyone who read this, thanks. You now know most of my life ina very short period of time, as well as my musical background.

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