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* April 8, 1979
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biography Born into a Sicilian/Polish family in 1979 (Genk, Belgium), Tom Ales always had an affinity with rhythm. While developing his interest in drumming as a whole, at the age of 11 the intense and aggressive sounds of death metal attracted his attention. At the age of 12 he got his first drumkit and immediately started playing. About 3 years later he co-founded his first band ‘Necrodochion’. Various events took their toll and they disbanded in 1999, a while after the release of their 2nd demo ‘Deprival of Revilement’ recorded at the age of 17. After 3 years of being non-active he was contacted by ‘Emeth’ in early 2002 to fill their drummer slot, after which they entered the studio in autumn 2003 to record the band’s first official full-length ‘Insidious’. Since the release of this album Tom performed with Emeth throughout Europe and the USA. Between all of this Tom’s thriving desire to continuously improve and transcend his own limits of endurance and creativity, motivated him to follow masterclasses with Dom Famularo and Mario Goossens (Hooverphonic, Clouseau, Monza, Triggerfinger…). The result of this dedication can be heard on Emeth’s second full length album ‘Reticulated’. On this record Tom succeeded in displaying his most furious drumming to date. This was followed by appearances on various European festivals, an Israelian show and more relentless touring. Dedicated as ever Tom is currently working hard to perfect and develop his own style even more while working on the 3rd Emeth album.
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