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* March 10, 1964
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biography Peter Yttergren is a drummer/pianist/singer/composer from Örebro, Sweden. Peter has worked extensively as a hired gun drummer, doing mostly live drumming during the 80-ties & 90-ties. He now embarks on a songwriting mission, determined to carry on the tradition of his influences.

Peter was born sometime during the last century in Örebro Sweden. At the early age of four he started playing the piano, having two elderly siblings who played. From the age of seven while in school, he took piano lessons at the local music school. A few years later he had his first encounter with music from a band that would have a big influence on his tastes in music as well as his own writing. The band was Genesis. Genesis offered something different from the contemporary pop music of the time and Peter enjoyed the dramatic sound, fascinating chord sequences and sometimes orchestral way of arranging the music.

At the age of twelve Peter started experimenting with song-writing, sometimes recording a few bits onto a mono tape recorder. At this time he also started to develop a keen interest in drums and drumming. Not yet owning a drum kit, Peter played on the family furniture to the joy of his parents. At age fifteen, after eight years of piano lessons, it was time to move on so he joined an improvisational group at music school, playing both piano and electric bass for awhile, but really wanted to have played the drums instead but that seat was already taken.

When turning seventeen, Peter bought his first drum kit and started practicing for several hours each day. After 3 months he joined his first band as a drummer, and after only 2 years of playing Peter taught drums at Medborgarskolan. During his early twenties he played in various bands and also started doing gigs as a hired musician. Most notably he replaced one of Sweden's most well-known drummers, Per Lindvall, as the live drummer for Ingemar Olsson.

In 1991 Peter bought his first music computer, an ATARI St system with the Creator/Notator midi sequencing software. With these new tools he started to focus on song writing, while continuing to play the drums in various bands. Some of the music he wrote during this period sometimes ended up as background music for interactive CD-ROM productions, but most songs was stored away in the local files.

During all his musical life Peter had always been singing when writing songs but most people never got to hear him singing. It was only in the mid nineties that he turned more attention to singing while doing drumming and background vocals in a cover band. Eventually he was persuaded to even sing the lead vocal on a few songs. He somewhat reluctantly assumed the role of lead vocalist (did he really want to do a Phil Collins?).

Fast-forward to 1999 and Peter now owned a PC based, Cubase-powered recording home studio. Peter had never really been part of the technical side of music production so he now had to start to learn all the basics about recording, effects and mixing. A lot of new material was written and recorded and put up on the web for all to hear! Since then Peter has not looked back and has continued to write a lot of material.

Through the music lounge at Cubase.net Peter met with guitarist Bob Melanson and they started collaborating on quite a few songs. Slowly the music started to get a small fan-base on the Internet. The music business started to show some interest in the material but nothing really materialised so with some encouragement from his peers Peter decided to start his own record label, Nergretty Music, and produce his own CD.

His debut CD, entitled "Another World", contains songs that were written and recorded during the last 3 years. On the CD Peter is collaborating with musicians and writers from seven different countries, making this a truly global project. During the latter stages of the production of the CD, Peter hooked up with long-time friend and Guitarist Ove Lundqvist, the driving force behind Swedish band Crystal Blue. Peter and Ove are now looking towards forming a band to play the material of Another World and record material for the next Peter Yttergren album...

Peter has recently started his drumming services via live-drums.com where he offers pro drum tracks.

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