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* October 25, 1989
United Kingdom
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biography Hi I'M DOM! I'm a drummer as I'M sure you already know, i wanna make it, i mean I'm gonna make it; one day I will be a preo-drummer and play the hardest head kicking sleezey rock you will ever hear! My

My favorate band is MOTLEY CRUE, "they kick ass, they do a 2 1/2 hour show and they paly very loud ROCK 'N' ROLL!"-one of MOTLEY'S backstage crue.

Any yea i fully agree, they kick maximum ass on a whole new level and thats that. lol!

SKID ROW is pretty much my second favorate band cus they seem real hard rocking and sleze-grizzlie, BACKYARD BABIES also kickass cus of ther mixture of hard rock & punk, other bands i like are Rob/White Zombie, Misfits,PANTERA,TOMMY LEE SOLO ALBUMS (THEY ALSO KICK ASS!), Sevendust, POISON (AWSOME), W.A.S.P ( WHEN BLACKIE SAYS PSYCHO DRAMA HE MEANS IT!), BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION (THEY KICKASS EVEN TO SAY THEY AINT AS OLD AS THE GREATS!), 69eyes, ROLLING STONES.

My largest inspiration is Tommy lee, as im sure you could have guessed from the above, it proves you don't ahve to play mad and insane beats (joey jordison) that are amazing to rock the F**K out on a record, if ya can listen to PRIMAL SCREAM OR RED HOT by MOTLEY CRUE, thats 2 of there most ass kikin' songs!

As for me, I play a TAMA rockstar custom in mahogany fade, 12", 14", 18x22", 5.5x14.5" (+ 10" tom on side as an extra) (best drum make ever!), TAMA hardware, including IRON COBRA POWER GLIDE double pedal, EVANS drumheads (what heads!) AHEAD STIX TOMMY LEE SIGNITURE (liturally!), latin percussion, meinl steel bell & a performance plus cowbells, if I can get it in comfotabley and get a hi hat to bass drum calmp I will have a Pearl bass drum aswell (16x22", red wrap export) as a double pedal (not instead of), Pearl Icon rack (3 curved bars, not conventional Icon rack) and tiny pathetic Premier stool, (12" ain't big enough!!)

As for cymbals i pay ZILDJAIN (THE MOST KICKASS CYMBAL COMPANY!!) ZCUSTOM 14" MASTERSOUND HI-HATS, ZCUSTOM 21" MEGA BELL RIDE, 6" ZILBELL, 16" ACUSTOM MEDIUM CRASH, 16" ZXT MEDIUM CRASH, 20" ZXT MEDIUM RIDE (used as crash), + Sabian Pro sonix 18" china & 18" Zyn crash.

I suppose thats about it , rock on!!!

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