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* July 13, 1985
United States
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biography Perhaps one of the hardest working young drummers in Southern California, Mike Giovanni spends almost all his time in devotion to his art.

A drum teacher since age 17, Mike now gives lessons out of several music retail stores as well as his own private studio. He is the featured drum instructor of the Music House program, a course for middle-school kids dealing with all aspects of professional drumming. He is also the author of "Building The Foundation," a new textbook for sale this October that is aimed towards kids with a passion towards all types and kinds of drumming, whether it be playing in a studio or practicing rudiments alone.

Mike is also producing and playing on records at his studio in Costa Mesa, and is currently working on albums from Scarlet Crush, Rob Kirby, Say Ahhh!, Boxcar, Method Edge, and his own band, the Umbrella Thieves.

Mike is available for studio work as well as private lessons and educational presentations.

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