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* August 31, 1991
United States
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biography Hey there, my name's Dan, Im 16 years old, and drumming makes me happy.

I drum at least a few hours a day, working through books, and constantly having to fix my crappy double bass pedal. I really should have gotten the higher end one.

Personally, I think drummers are overpopulating. Nothing I can do except be above everyone else by NOT posting all my cover songs on youtube.

Music I listen to? A wide variety. Fusion, swing, funk, oldies, rock'n'roll, 70s rock, 80s rock, hair band metal, whatever. I stay far far away from country and hip hop.


I despise drumline. It gave me back problems and sun blisters. From being a member of my high school drumline, I learned that all you do is follow orders, and your musical freedom is taken away completely.

I never have, and never will, get sick of a drum set. It is a limitless, key component to genres of music that really matter in life.

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