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* July 4, 1990
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biography Hello, my name is Çaðrý Bakýrcý and I'm from Turkey. I've been playing drums for about 7 months but I've been playing it 6 hours a week and sometimes more than that, so I developed fastly.

Leaded by me, we set up a band called "NokTuRnaL", in 15th of April, 2008 and we've been working together up to now.

My most important inspiration is MetallicA and my greatest goal is to take my band to their position. This means hard work for long hours and we've been doing exactly what is needed to be done.

NokTuRnaL, hasn't had a live performance in a bar or something but first steps to do that, taken.

I want to be one of the biggest drummers in the world and I want world to remember my name, after I die...

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