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* October 4, 1985
United Kingdom
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biography Feb 2008

Greg Ison is a well respected and versatile drummer/percussionist. At just 22 and with a great deal of experience and exposure under his belt, Greg has become one of the most sought after drummers in the business and can boast Tommy Lee and Ozzy Osbourne among his biggest fans . Having played his fair share of “spit and sawdust” gigs in London long before he was of legal drinking age and after drumming with numerous unsigned rock and indie outfits throughout the home counties since his early teens, Greg was offered the opportunity to study for his music degree at London’s much talked about industry hub, Drum Tech, where he studied under Justin Scott and Paul Elliot.

Greg’s reputation on the UK’s rock circuit had got out before he’d even completed his degree and he was approached in 2006 by Trashed Management on behalf of their biggest and much hyped client, Red Star Rebels. Greg joined “The Rebels” in late 2006 and began to tour relentlessly. He was thrown rapidly into the fast, hedonistic rock n roll life he’d always dreamed of but one he hadn’t expected so quickly; paparazzi, groupies, signing autographs and a legion of his own fans forming on social networking sites. Alongside his band mates Greg lifted an Indy Award in 2007 for “best rock act”. 2007 saw Greg handling media and press attention and playing numerous industry showcases at such festivals as Manchester’s “In The City” and media events for Emap and Gibson.

Greg (or Rozzy Rebel as has become to his loyal fans), has been approached for numerous recording sessions in different genres and continues to teach on a frequent basis. After becoming an endorsee of market leading drum manufacturer C & C in 2008, Greg is becoming one of the hottest properties in rock n roll today.

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