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* November 9, 1985
United States
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biography Marco Pitruzzella started taking drum lessons at age 9 and started his first band when he was in 3rd grade. He took drum lessons from local drum mentor Brady Fishler. Marco was taught how to read music and play jazz, rock, and funk. Marco heard his first drum blast at age 13 and was hooked. After studying under Brady Fishler for 5 years, Marco pursued his passion for metal. He learned how to play double bass and many different types of drum blasts from watching videos and seeing bands play live. Some drummers who influenced him are: Kevin Talley, John Longstreth, Nick Barker, Johnny Rabb and Mike Mangini. At age 15 Marco won second place in San Francisco at Worlds Fastest Drummer Competition doing 814 singles with his feet, and fourth place doing 811 single strokes with his hands. In the future he hopes to be the Worlds Fastest Drummer. At age 18 he joined local band Vornagar, now an internationally known underground metal band. Marco, at age 19, toured with Century Media Label touring band Vital Remains in Europe. The Vital Brutality European tour was the longest death metal tour known in history playing 57 shows and touring 26 different countries throughout all of Europe. Marco has plans to tour US with Vile in the summer.
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